Ghostheads podcast – Lucky episode 13 is online!

It’s that time again – the guys at Ghostheads have just released episode 13!

“That’s a big Twinkie”

Special guest Kevin (Spooky) Willingham

Opening – Minutes 1:16 – 2:33

News Topics – Minutes 2:34 – 30:27

* GB II Vigo Production photos at GB Fans
* Ghosthead gathering at Mega Con
* Dan Aykroyd sighting in New Jersey
* PKE Surge 2010 logo
* Aykroyd calls Murray and tells him to stop being a jerk
* The Big Bang Theory references GB
* Wil Wheaton a Ghostbusters fan?
* Bill Murray bar tends at SXSW

Closing – Minutes 30:28 – 32:25

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(Proton Charging is a proud sponsor and file host for Ghostheads – Suck it, NPR!)

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