2nd UK Ghostbusters attack sees ruling, UK mother uses Ectomobile for charity

Couple of short items;

First off, you may recall we reported about a Halloween attack, in which one young man on the subway in Cardiff was punched by a drunk – at the time, police were looking for more information to find the attacker. The young man that was attacked suffered cracked ribs and cheekbone. According to the BBC story at the time, he was treated at hospital and released.

Now, slightly confusingly, as it was initially thought by some to be the same case, there is report that at the same time, again in Wales, another young man of similar age, was out in Halloween costumes with friends, looking to raise money for their Football/Soccer team, and was attacked, this time dying from his injuries. The young man, Gareth Davies, tried to intervene in a pub fight and was set upon by the instigator, steelworker Aaron Davies (no relation), who was drunk and had attempted to start several fights that night.

Gareth fell to the ground in the attack and hit his head, of which he later died.

“It must have been a hard punch because he went straight to the floor and cracked his head on the tarmac surface of the car park.” said Robin Spencer QC, prosecutor.

Aaron pled not guilty to the manslaughter charge, claiming someone else threw the punch, but was found guilty by Cardiff Crown Court.

Secondly, and in happier news, Lisa Davis of North Lincolnshire traded in her sports car for an Ectomobile “identical” to the one in the film (it is not, but then I don’t normally expect the average journalist to know this) she found on eBay. Her plan is to use it in fundraising for Diabetes research and awareness – her son, Jordan, fell into a coma last year which is when they diagnosed him as having type one diabetes.

“I felt quite depressed but when I saw this online I thought wouldn’t it be such a laugh to own that car.”

Lisa said getting behind the wheel always puts a smile on her face.

“I got the car four months ago and I have never stopped laughing.

“I love seeing the reaction on other people’s faces when I come down the street with the Ghostbusters theme tune blaring out my speakers.

“At the moment, when everyone is feeling the effects of the recession, I think it is nice my silly car can make people forget for just five minutes and make them giggle.”

Perhaps local Ghostbusters fans will find the time to help Davis with her fundraising efforts.

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