Che hai intenzione di chiamare?!

For awhile now I’ve been looking for an appropriate lull to introduce everyone to Ghostbusters Italia – the site and the team behind it have been working hard to become the number one destination for Italian-speaking Ghostbusters fans. They’ve even gone well beyond a mere web-presence…

…a woman just walked by my window speaking loudly into her cell-phone, in Italian. Spooky!

…a mere web-presence, they also love to gather in real life, such as for the recent Cartoomics convention.

They are avid followers of Proton Charging (good thing I added the Google Translate option to the sidebar!) and in return I’ve become fans of them. While people might take it for granted, this truely is a silver age for Ghostbusters fans.

In related news (but not involving the crew, I don’t think) is this float that appeared in Sunday’s carnival festivities in Gambettola. Proof positive that Italy has a wealth of fellow-Ghostheads. Hmmm. Fantasma-individuo? Looks like I’ll have to brush up on my Italian!

Thanks to for the link.

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