Ghostbusters video game concepts & designs round-up

I know this has been a topic here and there for awhile now, but with a little digging, I found a few pieces that haven’t popped up in recent posts.

Concept and level artists have been posting some of their work from the Ghostbusters video game, some of which never made it into the final game. First up are concept levels by Stuart “Kuran” Ng. He posted 8 on his DeviantArt page, but he originally posted 4 of them and 5 others online last Summer. Besides some levels that never came to be, there are a couple that did make it into the game, including his Graveyard multiplayer level. I’m gathering all 16 images here.

(click for full-size images)

Graveyard concept 2

Graveyard concept 1 (used)

Museum Hallway

Museum Infodesk

Ghost Realm

Lost Island 1

Lost Island 2

Lost Island 3

Lost Island 5

Library Basement

Library Reading Room

Office 4 (used in multiplayer)

Spider Witch Lair

Slime Tunnel

Twisted Lobby

You can see a lot of what ultimately made it into the game in those images, some more than others. More interesting is that some of Kuren’s concepts made it into the game, or at least, it made it into 3D game form, if not the final game release.

Herod Gilani did multiplayer levels for ThreeWave and once the game came out, like Stuart, he posted some of his work online – some of it is absolutely amazing, but sadly didn’t make it into the final game. One level is of the Slime-filled, underground railway, which harkens back to some of Kuren’s art. I’ve left out the images on his site from the final game, though they are, as I’ve said, interesting to compare to Kuren’s concept work, and should be checked out.

The ones posted are of levels built for potential multiplayer use;

Rooftop Temple


Spider Lair

Slime sewer

Herod also posted some of his texture work, which included this game monster (don’t have my game-guide with me – can’t remember his name, but I did beat the hell out of a lot of them last Friday.)

Black Slime jerk that always kicks my ass.

For those interested, has a great article on all the things we saw online that never made it into the final game. Some, but not all, of the art above is featured, but more interesting are the collection of YouTube videos which feature things like the panicked crowd AI that got entirely axed, or the cut-scenes that never made the cut.

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