We Are Legion: Alyssa Milano (ps: She's not up for the third movie)

It’s one thing to work on a franchise property… to be a fan of it is another thing. Certainly, she’s not exactly hardcore, but it’s nice to hear she grew up loving the film. And her love of Annie Potts serves her well, certainly.

The Flick Cast sat down with Milano to talk about all things Alyssa, which inevitably turned to Ghostbusters, both the video game and rumours of her involvement in a third sequel.

TF: About a year ago, there were a lot of rumors coming up that you were going to be in the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel after your success stepping in as the female lead in the video game. Is there any truth to that?

AM: Yeah, I don’t even know where that rumor started. I guess someone said something to someone else in an interview, but I was never approached. [laughs] I don’t even know if there’s a script out there yet. But I did have a blast working on the game. I LOVED Ghostbusters growing up and I got to work with Annie Potts recently, who was incredible in those movies.

The experience doing the game was pretty odd though, because you’re in a room alone, and they just describe the actions that you’re supposed to then react to with grunts. So it’s a lot of running around and going “Ah! Ugh!” [laughs]. But it was really fun, and I played the game, which was a blast.

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