Cover Me! Countdown

For the last few years, a file folder has been building up on my machine – it’s filled with Ghostbusters covers, remixes, mash-ups, and samples. What used to be a short list is now a massive one, particularly in the last couple of years, as popularity of the movie has bled over into new-found popularity on the dance floor.

There used to be a site devoted to these tracks – some of you will remember Ghostbusters Project:Remix. It was exactly what you’d imagine. One big long list of all the known Ghostbusters covers. Finding the site, a year ago, was an undertaking and several attempts to contact the site owner through email went unanswered. And really all that’s left of the site, as far as I know, if the logo.

So, I think the due diligence has been well satisfied and never let it be said I didn’t try and avoid stepping on any toes. In fact, my initial emails were to see if the old site was interested in a new home at Proton Charging – I have unlimited bandwidth on my server, I might as well use it.

So, here’s the flag in the ground – I’m rebuilding, from scratch and elbow grease, a new list of Ghostbusters covers – who did what, when, where you can buy it, if possible, a chance to hear it, and anything else related to the song (ie Hoobastank’s video, which lives here at Proton Charging.)

Here’s a partial list of the files I have – I can see several I didn’t include and there are several more at home and I can’t think of their names – not to mention I know I have a handful of songs on PC that never made any list. But in the meantime, if you can see anything missing, speak up in the comments and I’ll see what I can track down.

The final feature will be up and ready soon.

The Rasmus – Ghostbusters.mp3
The Game – Ghost Unit.mp3
Ingenious – Ghostbusters Techno.mp3
Xentrix – Ghostbusters.mp3
Broadway Kids – Ghostbusters.mp3
Fast Food Rockers – GB2004.mp3
Vomitron – Ghostbusters.mp3
Liquid Radiation – Ghostbusters.mp3
Bad vs Ghostbusters.mp3
So Junky – Holy Ghostbusters.mp3
MEKE – Ghostbusters Remix.mp3
Attaboy Skip – Ghostbusters.mp3
The Minister – Reel Ghosts.mp3
Extreme Ghostbusters Theme 1.mp3
Extreme Ghostbusters Theme 2.mp3
Mobb Deep – Got It Twisted (DJ.mp3
Jimmy Black – Ghostbusters.mp3
Kromar – Ghostbusters.mp3
Ghostbusters (Audiodile’s Ectop.mp3
Run DMC – Ghostbusters II Re.mp3
Real Ghostbusters Theme 1.mp3
Bad Boyz DJ Team – Ghostbusters.mp3
Mikael The Turtle – Ghostbuster.mp3
Fettes Brot – Nordish By Nature.mp3
Pittsburgh Steelers – Go Steele.mp3
PowerP – Ghostbusters Reggae Mi.mp3
Attaboy Skip – Ghostbusters Liv.mp3
Ghostbusters – Searchin’ For th.mp3
Ghostbusters Come Inside – vs P.mp3
McSleazy – Ghostbusters In Blac.mp3
NIN – The Ghost That Feeds.mp3
Arm Cannon – bhost_upsters.mp3
Ghostbusters (Reggae cover).mp3
Hoobastank – Ghostbusters.mp3
Supervillans – Ghostbusters.mp3
Thunderbusters – Ghostbusters v ACDC.mp3
That hampster cover

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