Ghostbusters 2 – Make a Mobile Book

I saw Ghostbusters in theaters. Not in utero, not as a baby, not in a second-run years later (well, actually, I’ve seen it that way a few times), as in, I walked myself out to the concession stand and ordered my own snacks. So, basically I’ve been seeking out all things Ghostbusters since day one.

So, when I tell you I’ve never, EVER seen this book before, you’ll understand that there is some gravity behind that. I think it pretty fair then that the YouTube poster that shot a short film to show it to us was right on the money when they called it rare. This is likely because the book includes cut-outs – Ghostbusters colouring books, water paints, sticker books and basically any kind of book that encourages kids to cut or deface them, tended to get tossed in the garbage after use. Untouched books are incredibly hard to find.

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