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Action Figure Insider has posted a complete look at Mattel’s 6″ Walter Peck, from packaging to accessories to the re-sculpted body.

The figure, due out May 17th, comes with (as we’ve seen before) the containment unit, as well as an extra ghost trap which will fit inside the containment unit when opened. That is going to make for some sweet dioramas!

Every detail of the figure’s release, is cataloged by AFI, with pictures, here.


  1. Yeah baby…now that’s what I’m talking about! Is this diorama a prelude to GB3 -seeing that Venkman must be in the trap?

  2. Ray has Dana in the other trap

  3. “Light is green, the trap is clean!”

    CanĀ“t wait til May!!!

  4. …since when did Elvis Costello become a Ghostbuster anyway?

  5. Ugh, that containment unit isn’t painted FF0011 red! I fully and wholeheartedly move that fans sign my petition to release an FF0011 red unit instead of a FF0000 – this gross lack of attention is completely unacceptable.

    /end drunken sarcasm…

    I can’t wait. Keep ‘em coming, Mattel folks. Pretty soon, I’ll just hand my whole wallet over to you. Bring on May.

  6. can someone (hopefully from the usa) answer this question. i live in london and have got the first 3 figures. now i have just looked on the link to the AFI piece and one of the pictures has a plan box with the GB logo and walters name with adult collector on the bottom i have never recived one of these boxes with any of my figures (would be nice as to protect the boxes) and i was wondering if any one else with the 6 inch figures has got this box with them or is this new. thanks sorry its long winded

  7. Or is it Buddy Holly?

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