Ectoplasmic Residue artist selling prints online

Can’t make it to the Ghostbusters-themed art show, Ectoplasmic Residue? Bummed out about that? Well, don’t worry, art from the show has slowly started to show up online.

One artist in particular, Keith P. Rein, has posted his three pieces from the show on his blog. Keith has a particularly love of including pop culture, portraits and naked ladies in his work – two of them he combined in two of his pieces, and he managed all three in the third. They are amazing… one one is Not Safe For Work. Annie Potts fetishists, you have been warned…

But wait, there’s more! Keith is selling prints of the pieces at So, no matter which you prefer, you can take one home for yourself, today! He also does very nice graphic design, if you need one for your wedding, etc. in the Athens, GA area.

No, I don’t know why Peter is smoking in the elevator either.

Full size? Yes, click to have some.

For full size, click to switch on.

[VIA for the original Esty link]

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