IGN affirms, again, Ghostbusters is #1

It’s a time-warp!

I had a bit of a headscratch when Daniel emailed me that IGN had chosen Ghostbusters as the number one comedy of all time – the confusing part was, for me, that I thought I recalled they’d done it before.

And they did. FOUR YEARS AGO! But don’t follow the link – the IGN system is using the same entry code for both, essentially overwriting the old content on their website. To see the original article as it existed when I first posted about it, go here.

Can’t get too mad at them though… for starters, they rewrote all the entries (it’s the top 25 list that got reused, not the text) and they kept Ghostbusters at #1, even as other entries got shuffled around.

Mind you, with Greg Miller on staff, maybe moving Ghostbusters would be a risky proposition.

Here’s the write up for The Best Comedy Of All Time!

Not sure if there is a comedy more quoted by us IGN fanboys than this. Give us a few hours and we can recite the entire script to you; seriously, we have the time.

Ivan Reitman’s best movie makes up the bedrock of not just our geekdom, but many others who grew up with Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston going after Zuel (“Oh Zuel-y, you nut!”) and a 30-foot tall marshmallow man (“Nobody steps on a church in my town!”). The jokes per minute ratio rivals The Simpsons in their heyday, and the movie made Bill Murray’s Pete Venkeman a household name. It also made us very mindful of having potential clients pay us in advance before they become a dog.

Ghostbusters is the type of horror-comedy you can watch no matter when it is on, whether you catch it at the beginning or right around the time Pete asks about the Twinkie. The movie is as close to a perfect mix of scares and laughs one can get, which is probably why Hollywood hasn’t been able to make a movie of its kind since.

And for fun, here’s the write-up from 2005;

1. Ghostbusters

An enduring classic featuring a virtual who’s-who of classic 80’s comedy, from director Ivan Reitman (Meatballs, Stripes, Twins) to comic genius’ Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis (the latter two also co-wrote the script). Rick Moranis also makes a memorable leap from SCTV to the big screen and Sigourney Weaver mixes physical comedy (and terror) with outright devilish sexiness. “Are you the keymaster?” Ghostbusters is very much a product of its time yet still holds up with all the laughs and even the effects in tact. The high-concept script is ingenious, the direction and pacing are near perfection and the cast have a comedic chemistry that is nearly unmatched. I dragged my parents to the theater to see this four times in the summer of ’84 and I’m still not tired of it. -JO

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