Supernatural's Ghostbusters homage / Ghost Hunters spoof gets web series.

I knew the creators of Supernatural had to have some love for Ghostbusters – after all, they gave Kurt Fuller a reoccurring (and evil) role and this past season they named an episode “The Real Ghostbusters”. The episode had nothing to do with Ghostbusters (lots of ghosts though), just a funny nod to the film. It gummed up my Twitter and Google searching for months.

Anyhow, apparently in the first season of the series, the heroes encounter a ghost hunting group – they’re very serious about proving ghosts are real and undertake a Ghost Hunters-style reality TV show as a means to that end. So, on the surface, it’s a Ghost Hunters reference… only two of the characters are named Ed Zeddemore and Harry Spangler (which is and AWESOME porn name, I’m just saying.)

Long story short (too late), those ghost hunters have themselves a web-series; GHOSTFACERS! Which may not seem like much, but it never hurts to plan a bit of a seed in Sony’s mind – if the movie doesn’t work out, a TV series would be awesome. Call me, we’ll do lunch…

Here are the first two episodes.

A quick introduction to ghost fighting in the Supernatural universe – they have guns and access to a grocery store, instead of proton packs and access to nuclear materials.

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