"There are so many holes in 1st Avenue, we didn't think anyone would notice."

Yes, as you can see, the long overdue clean up and re-organization of the sidebar has begun. It is by no means complete. When I moved the site over to the new template, certain things from the last site, some of which had been on the site for nearly a decade, were lost… but the intention was that it would only be temporary until I could find the time to sort through it all.

Awhile back I added AddThis functionality to article pages – a tiny toolbar at the bottom of each post – but for additional ease of use, I’ve added that same functionality, PLUS a bookmarking button, to the sidebar.

The loss of the messageboard, podcast, and Return of the Ghostbusters links is temporary – please stand by, as they say.

A question: is anybody finding the Twitter ticker at the side useful? I included it as a nice way to show that there is a constant Ghostbusters conversation going on there, as well as promote Proton Charging on Twitter, but I also know it’s not exactly the most elegant widget, and it causes a constant reloading stutter on mobile browsers.

So, on the one hand, there is stuff that happens on Twitter that is too small to get reported here. On the other, it’s kind of an elephant in the corner, trampling the curtains… Short form, feel free to give some feedback on it. It’s been here for ages now, time for a performance review I figure.

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