Sony kicks off new ad campaign – sneak-peak Ecto-1 hints more to come?

Sony launched its new, company-wide ad campaign with a 30-second commercial for their Cyber-Shot camera last week. The ad features singer Taylor Swift, but reveals a quick-look at the restored Ecto-1, rolling through Sony’s massive, imaginary… warehouse. Or something. Forbes Magazine looked briefly at the ad and spoke a bit about the rest of the campaign, by LA agency 180 (owned by The Oxford Group) which will include more ads, in a similar vein, over the coming year. Which begs the question, was the Ecto-1 a throw away cameo, or is it hinting at ads to come? It’s not a crazy idea, when you consider that Forbes mentions Sony will be including the launch of its line of 3D TVs in the campaign… and we know for a fact Sony is currently working on converting their back catalog, and presumably Ghostbusters (as an “evergreen” property) to 3D. 3D TV’s need 3D movies to help sell them, and you need old movies as well as new, in order to attract as wide a market as possible. It’s not too far-fetched to have an ad with the old “it’s like you’re right in the movie!” chestnut, featuring the Ecto-1. But who would the star be? If I’m right, I’m voting for Ernie Hudson.

Thanks to the millions of people that emailed me about the ad!

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