GBItalia interviews GB2 FX actors Robin Shelby and Jim Fye [UPDATE]

Ghostbusters Italia have posted two interviews with Robin Shelby, who was the actor inside the Slimer suit in Ghostbusters 2, and Jim Fye, who acted as Tony Scoleri, the Statue of Liberty, and the ghost jogger in Ghostbusters 2. Short, but great interviews, you should definitely check them out!

Interview with Robin Shelby

Interview with Jim Fye


Paul at Spook Central points out Robin revealed a new scene cut from the movie, wherein Slimer, after driving the bus Louis is on, joins him afterwards. For anybody that thinks there was too much Slimer in the movie, to make it kid friendly, boggle at how much more they prepared to possibly include before commonsense stepped in.

The best memory during the filming of GB2?
Shooting a scene where Slimer gets off the bus to join Louis. The energy we all had during and after shooting that scene was unbelieveable. This didn’t end up in the film, but as we wrapped that day we knew we had all accomplished something pretty remarkable.

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