Ghostbusters SLC fan film to launch Saturday, May 8th! [UPDATE]

The GBSLC premiere went off as planned, but with a few placeholders, thanks to a computer problem at the last minute, requiring some fast last-minute fixes, and no time to upload online. However, the film is still coming to computers everywhere, they just need a little time to fix the placeholders for the premiere into something final;

We are sorry to report, however that our FanFilm will not be released on the net today. Over the last two days we have experienced a series of computer crashes and file losses. The worst of which came just hours before our premier was set to open.

I am pleased to report that the premier did happen tonight due to the noble and valiant efforts of all those involved, including Mavric, Sketch, Out of time, my lovely wife and many more too numerous to name. It seemed to be really well received, and I can’t wait to show this to the fans of the communities.

Unfortunately, the premier featured quick fixes to the special effects and editing to just make it viewable. With this in mind, the crew and myself have discussed it and believe it would be better to fix up the poor areas before releasing it to the public. If we had not had these glitches and errors then we would have been able to hold to our release date, and currently have plans to release it within the week.

Once again, this film will be released by Midnight on May 8. I hate the thought of pushing it off like this, but believe me when I say that it will be worth the wait.

You’ve seen the trailers (No? See below). And you’ve seen the behind the scenes pics (No? Ok, go here.)Well, it’s done. Or nearly done. Or it better be done, because the film premieres this Saturday! If you’re actually in the Salt Lake City area, you can go see it with the film’s creators! And for everyone else, it will be online – stay tuned for more information about that!

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