Murray aside, Ramis and Aykroyd move GB3 to 2012! Or not.

A couple of things in the past week have come up to shed new light on the making of a third Ghostbusters film. The first, a minor comment by Harold Ramis, being interviewed about his part in a Chicago stage production, Celebrity Autobiographies (twitter follwers, you saw it on Friday) – was a throw away mostly, until GBFans met Dan Aykroyd at a recent Crystal Head signing. Together the reveal that the third film, in their minds, is not only something they’re pushing for, but something that is moving ahead – even if they don’t perfectly match up on details.

Here’s Harold on ABC 7;

“And what are you working on now?”

“Well, there’s been a lot of talk about a third Ghostbusters film, which has now become real.”


“It’s… I can say with some certainty that there will be a third movie. It won’t be out until Christmas 2012, but the work is going on now.”

“You’ll be in it?”

“All the old guys will be back, we’ll introduce some new guys…”

“Egon comes back, huh?”

“Egon, yeah, yeah…”

The next day, GBFans spoke to Dan Aykroyd directly and while it wasn’t an in depth discussion, and his answer was probably something he gave out several times every day, Dan also had some details on the film;

Dan confided in Ghostbusters Fans about the future of Ghostbusters 3. He told our members that Ghostbusters 3 should start filming this Fall, presumably for a 2011 release.

The guess (made by GBFans, not Aykroyd, as it’s pointed out that might confuse some people) about 2011 isn’t outrageous – anything filmed in Fall should be ready for the Summer, if rushed, and Winter if not. It also depends on the scope of the film – how grand the effects, etc.

What we walk away with is two of the principles still talking about the movie getting made – one of them, Dan, always believes this, so even if we take his enthusiasm out, Harold comments are still very telling, particularly in that they a) feature a pushed back filming schedule (it’s hard to imagine anything filmed in the Fall would take 24 months to finish in post production) and b) you can see him, on the fly, deciding what comments to make. It’s very much the safe answer of someone that knows something is going ahead, but doesn’t want to be the guy that talks out of turn, and say anything official. Or say something is official and that one last I that needs dotting falls apart at the last minute. Watch the video and see what I mean.

One important thing to bear in mind is that a 2012 release, as per Ramis’ comments, leaves room for Reitman as director, instead of conflicting with his current film project.

So, Bill Murray’s recent comments aside (and please… if you read anywhere that Bill wants to write the script, he’s joking, and WENN remains a really, really bad news source) it looks like the film is still on the go. The question is has filming been pushed to this Fall? Next year? Release late 2011? Xmas 2012? And how odd to turn one of the first Summer blockbusters into a Christmas blockbuster.

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