High quality pics of ILM GB2 displays

It’s well known that ILM has a number of pieces from GB2, including a few on display. But it’s rare to get a look at those pieces as nice as these pics a little bird sent me, showing a Vigo painting and the animatronic rigs for a Slimer and Nunzio Scoleri. One of the things to be learned from these pictures, or at least the Vigo painting in particular, is that while there are supposedly more than one copies, the particular painting ILM displays is the same as seen here in Glen Eytchison’s production walk-through at GBFans. It is also the source of the high rez image floating around the web for the last couple of years – you can tell by the rip/scratch on Vigo’s right leg.

Thank you little bird! (click pics for full size image)

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