Columbia announces MiB3 – why this matters

Columbia Pictures announced today that the go-ahead has been given for production to start on Men In Black 3. While this is not an announcement for Ghostbusters 3, it does relate. Here’s how;

MiB3 production starts this Fall, for a Spring 2012 release.

Harold Ramis’ comments of a Christmas 2012 release for Ghostbusters suddenly makes sense, particularly as nobody has said anything about production starting anytime later than Spring of 2011. Two years seemed like a long time to produce a movie, but MiB3, originally and often referred to as “Ghostbusters with aliens” has a similar scope, budget, and star logistics (pay, scheduling, etc.) as Ghostbusters 3. It follows then that if MiB3 requires a longer-than-average production timeline, GB3 might as well. “But, isn’t a year and a half for MiB3 still a long time?” Perhaps, but for one other, possibly, shared trait between the two movies…

MiB3 to be shot in 3D
While no official word has been made, there has been semi-serious talk of Sony (who owns Columbia Pictures) filming a number of tentpole and evergreen films in 3D. Not surprising, as Sony seriously wants people to buy more Blu-ray players and 3D HDTVs, for watching 3D films, including a number of films from their back catalog that are undergoing 3D retro-fitting (Ghostbusters included, it is rumoured.)

This helps explain why filming for a MiB3 would take a little longer than normal, as 3D ads some extra technical/logistical challenges. By extension, a third Ghostbusters in 3D, if that is in fact true, would require similar filming time.

Plus you know there’s someone at Columbia/Sony just DYING to market threequels as 3D films; MiB3D… Ghostbusters 3D… it’s like nobody remembers Jaws 3D… Still, I’d kill to see a ghost bust in the third dimension.

“Sony’s summer of 2012 will get off to a red hot start with an incredible new 3D adventure for the Men in Black.”
Oh yeah? Sounds good – what else do you have in mind for this red-hot Summer? Ramis’ is talking about a Christmas release – and to be sure, Christmas releases lately have seen a growing number of blockbusters – isn’t unreasonable, but Ghostbusters was born of the Summer Blockbuster. Arguably it helped create the Summer blockbuster! So with MiB3 slated to start the Summer with a May 25th release, there’s still a lot of Summer for a Ghostbusters 3, particularly if Sony is looking to dominate the season. At that fits even better with a Fall filming start.

(shrug) So nothing, maybe. This is not proof of anything, other than Sony is prepared to spend some big money on 2012. But as above, that’s my feeling why a MiB3 is good for a GB3 release – it’s just as possible, excepting the third and final point above, that Sony wants to spend on MiB3 at the expense of GB3, but in a guesstimate balance of pros and cons (gotta sell 3D TVs and Blu-ray players, remember) this news is favorable more than it’s worrisome.

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