Adam Savage gives props to Ghosthead prop builders on The Nerdist podcast

It went live a few weeks back, but I’m just catching it now – in a special live episode of The Nerdist podcast, comedian and G4 presenter Chris Hardwick and co. had Mythbuster Adam Savage as a guest. It’s a great podcast in general, with this episode being particularly cool, but it got even better when prop enthusiast Savage (he’s infamous for his screen accurate replica of Deckard’s PDK from Bladerunner) was momentarily steered onto proton packs. After discussing the pedantry and secretive nature of fan prop builders online, he said Ghostbuster fans (specifically the fans on the Ghostbusters forums) are notorious for being so open with their designs and information. Not surprising, as Ghostbusters fandom is built around the concept of franchises and when one group looks good, we all look good.

The Nerdist episode 10, clip

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Fair point, if you download the podcast, it’s totally NSFW… or children.

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