GB3 "a role of a lifetime" for Bill Murray, says Aykroyd

Prior to a recent Crystal Head vodka signing in San Antonio (interesting aside – they’re about to produce their 1 millionth bottle. They originally only estimated a demand for 3-4 thousand), Dan Aykroyd took a moment to talk to for a bit about all the recent Ghostbusters 3 talk, which continues to strengthen Harold Ramis’ recent comments on the film aiming for a Christmas 2012 release;

“The role of a lifetime has been written for Bill Murray. Contrary to what was in a lot of the press, I did not call him and tell him the ultimatum… ‘don’t be a jerk’. I was quoted as saying, ‘You better get on board.’ I would never ever talk to Billy like that,” he says.

A draft for the new script has been turned in by the young writers assigned by the studio.

“So, if we can pull it off, we’re going to start to work pretty soon,” he says.

He then talked a bit about the level of GB fandom he sees and how he sees it as an indication that a third film is a no-brainer;

“We were reasonably expectant that it would work then. As to its endurance today, I am quite surprised honestly, because I go to signings like I’m doing in S.A. and there’s Ghostbusters at every one of them. Some of them have cars and trucks that they’ve absolutely outfitted with the phone number and lights on them and everything — total packs, jump suits exactly down to the rubber gloves. It’s just really, really a gratifying thing to see and hilarious as well.

“The funniest part is the girlfriends and wives of the Ghostbusters. … I always give them a special kind of, you know, sympathetic hug.”

So, a carrot has apparently been written into the plot of a third film, in order to attract the reticent Murray – whether that carrot is the fabled Ghost Venkman idea or something new (like, say, a father/son/mentor/trainee relationship between Venkman and Oscar) remains to be seen, but one thing is clear; the final days of hammering this out are on now. If they don’t come to some sort of deal that suits all parties in the coming months, it will likely fall apart.

Thanks to Steven Hough for the heads up – someone start a stopwatch and how long it takes for MTV to report this news, with link to SlashFilm, and any reference to PC or removed (narf). Bonus points if Perez Hilton reports it. Man, we could make a game out of this.

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