Holy heck, it's a Proton Pack backpack!

Holy crap!

80s Tees, purveyors of fine Ghostbusters tees and other merch, have posted pictures of their upcoming Summer release… a backpack made to look like a proton pack. Judging scale is a little tricky, but you can see it’s a beige canvas pack, with the body of a proton pack printed on it, and a smaller, round pouch, with the cyclotron printed on it. Attached to it by a black nylon cord his another pouch, this one printed with the particle thrower. What attaches one to the other (clip versus velco) is hard to make out.

But who cares? $40. Backpack that looks like a proton pack. I don’t even have kids and I HAVE to get one. Some day, a child of mine will wear that to school proudly. This is a considerable step up from Spencer’s Gifts Slimer pack.

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