The Onion finds Ghostbusters 3 news irritating

This week’s Tolerability Index at The Onion’s AV Club has put Ghostbusters 3 news at about, by my guess, “Irritating” – which is understandable, as the news tends not to get reported all at once, rather it ripples out like a wave, as each successive layer of entertainment news sites takes the same story and reworks it until it’s nearly something else entirely.

And the answer to The AV Club’s answer is yes, there are people who want a third movie bad enough to put up with the speculation.

And for the love of Pete Venkman, PLEASE, this isn’t an invitation to explain, again, at length, how you don’t think it should happen. We understand. We’ve heard. First person that ignores this request and posts their no-GB3 essay will have it stamped with the Anti-Patrick Seal of Approval. You’ve been warned.

Big ups to JJ for the heads up – never presume maaaaaan.

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