6" Walter Peck and Containment Unit on sale 9AM PST today!

Matty Collector’s next sale starts today. Some He-Man and… hmm more He-man. Blah blah blah… AND WALTER PECK! The misguided EPA agent is 6″ and comes with a containment unit (plus an extra trap accessory that is made to fit into the CU mechanism.)

6” Walter Peck™ Figure
Maximum order quantity: 10
Whether you consider him a villain or simply misunderstood, the original Ghostbusters™ film wouldn’t be the same without one Walter Peck™, EPA administrator. At long last, this perpetual thorn in our heroes’ side is immortalized in a fully-articulated, highly-detailed 6” tall Movie Masters™ figure that comes complete with a Containment Unit!

Available May 17, 2010, only at MattyCollector.com.

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