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Infamous hackers of public space, Improv Everywhere, have posted a video record of their recent Ghostbusters performance, held in the New York Public Library where Ghostbusters encountered their first full-torso, free-floating, vaporous apparition, which was also real.

I would like to thank EVERYBODY that sent this to me – it is, easily, one of the most emailed links to PC ever. Even my brother sent it to me.

[VIA BrandX]


  1. Holy crap people…. This was a main topic on I had to come here to see if it was posted. Really cool.

  2. Just me or have flash mobs like this become so common now that they’ve kind of lost the luster?

  3. PS: But for a good cause, of course.

  4. They should have contacted some of the local ghostheads through gbfans and asked to borrow/rent some replica packs with lights and decent flightsuits. Or just recruited them to play the parts, since they probably wouldn’t want to part with their labor of love.

    Besides that, this is funny.

  5. Good one!

  6. it has a lot of publicity here in NY its all on the news…

  7. It was on Greta’s show on Fox News last nite also!

  8. I agree that they should have gone the whole hog on the costumes.

    I’ll say this: they made a great ‘parody soundalike’ of the theme song. Those things are surprisingly hard to do.

  9. Imagine going through hundreds of emails with Ghostbuster video links just to make sure they were all the same and nothing new was missed! Guh!

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