"Thank you for coming so quickly…!"

Jst a small heads up – I’m off to LA for a few days, starting today.

I will be online, but access will be sporadic, so the Best Way To Contact PC list is doubly important;

Email first – castewar at gmail dot com
Twitter to a lesser degree – @protoncharging
and comments are right out. I will not be surfing PC that much while on the road, so do not pin your hopes on them as a good way to submit news. Not that you’re supposed to be doing that anyhow…

Some news – My patches will be arriving in a few hours. Right about the time I’m taking to the air. So, once I’m back I’ll have a look at them and figure out making some available to you guys.

Also, I have another surprise. Actually two. I’m working to see when I can talk them up a bit.

Don’t break anything while I’m gone.


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