Team Fortress 2 gets Ecto-Goggles

Valve recently allowed fans to suggest and even submit items they’d like to see added to the game, things that would add a little spice to the co-operative team shooter title. As you can imagine, there were lots, and of those lots, dozens were added to the game via an update, including a new “hat” for the medic, which looks strangely familiar. The headgear is titled “Ze Goggles” (a reference to The Simpsons), but c’mon… we all know what they are;

Click for full size

The goggles are purely for show, with no effect to the player or the game (other items and hats have effects), they just look really, really cool. One could also go a step further, pointing out the Egon-ish appearance of the medic. Or his healing backpack. But that seems to be one step away from posting pictures of toast in which your certain you can see the face of Ray. So, let’s not…

Old timers will likely recall that Valve software and Ghostbusters fans go back a long ways. For those that don’t recall, have a look at this 11 year old story (Yeesh).

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