12" Venkman defect mystery solved – Mattel offers refund

While most people managed to correct the issue of the squished head on the 12″ Peter Venkman figure, Mattel issued a statement on the matter last week.

Ghostbusters™ Fans,

The mystery surrounding the face sculpt of our 12” Peter Venkman™ figure has been completely investigated and, from our friends at Corporate Headquarters, here’s the result:

“For the Peter Venkman™ figure, there is a vacuum seal on the head that in this case happened to pull it together to create the unfortunate “squished” look. To remedy it, customers must remove the figure from the package and pull the head back slightly (but DO NOT pull it off) to let some air in. They may have to press on the head to re-shape it. If the product is still defective, or if fans were planning on keeping the figure in-package, we will give a refund. We have already talked to the plant to ensure that this does not happen on future products.”

We know that many of you figured this fix out for yourselves and hopefully you now have the figure you were expecting. If you would like a refund, please call Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY or send an email with your name and order number (if available) to MattyCollectorCS@digitalriver.com. On behalf of the MattyCollector.com team, we apologize to our loyal Ghostbusters™ fans and want you to know we’re doing everything we can to minimize these kinds of issues in the future.

I prefer to think of us at Ghostheads™, but that’s just me.

It is always nice to hear that a company is working to correct their mistakes, even though it will not help those who do not wish to open the box – they are offering refunds, not replacements. Why this is important, even after most people have solved the problem on their own, is because those who used a hairdryer to heat and gently re-squish the head might still have the problem – the hairdryer may have only temporarily expanded what air was inside the sealed head, and may in time contract back. May not, but it may… so, if you haven’t addressed the problem yet, or if it re-occurs, you now know you have to crack the neck seal a bit. And if you’re still unable to fix the issue, you can always seek a refund.

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