Gross Buster – Garbage Pail artist takes on Ghostbusters [UPDATE]

I’m apologizing to Miguel Pulido right off the bat – he sent me a scan of this awesome card he commissioned from Tom Bunk, one of the original Garbage Pail Kid artists, and I got floored by a nasty cold (still working through the tail end now) and I forgot about it until posted it. So, nice save by GhostbustersNews!

Hey Chris! Look, I just got this one and I thought I’d like to share it with you. Remember the Garbage Pail Kids? I’m sure you do. Well, Tom Bunk, who is one of the original GPK artists just made a commissioned piece for me. So here it is, how you like it? I think it is soooooo coooooool! I gave Tom some ideas of what I wanted and he came up with this, he’s a real nice fella. Well, glad to talk to you again. lmk your thoughts and take care!

For some reason though, GBNews has a very small image, so click to see the card in full, massive, embiggened detail here.

Click for full size!

For those of you too young to remember, The Garbage Pail Kids were an 80s phenomenon mocking another 80s phenomenon, The Cabbage Patch Kids. The Garbage Pail Kids were collectible sticker cards, similar to Wacky Packages (which Bunk also helped illustrate), in which disgusting and hilarious versions of Cabbage Patch Kids were featured, each with a descriptive, punny name (ie Adam Bomb.)

Awesome stuff like this reminds me of the Ghostbusters Homer sketch by Simpson’s artist Bill Morrison, or the Family Guy, one-of-a-kind sketch card released in the Family Guy card packs.


Frankov pointed out this awesome Ghostbusters Wacky Packages, though I can’t say if it’s a Tom Bunk piece or not.

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