Sony still pushing Ghostbusters at Licensing Expo – Web confused by logo.

Well, I can’t imagine that this will have any real impact, but here we go – earlier today, posted some images revealing various movie titles/logos, include a selection of upcoming Sony films. Collider neglected to list a source, but presumably it’s coming out of the 2010 Licensing International Expo, going on this week in Las Vegas. Ghostbusters has been a highly visible property at the show for the last two years, but this year, with all the talk about the third film reaching it’s highest level in years, it’s natural that people would interpret the inclusion of Ghostbusters as indicative of something about there being a third film. Actually, all it means for sure is that Sony Consumer Products continues to put a lot of support behind the evergreen film, with or without a third film.

It’s certain that the third film is coming up in discussions at the show, but before it gets out of hand (too late – several websites have reposted the Collider article as meaning something about Ghostbusters 3) this doesn’t mean anything more or less than last year. Sony loves Ghostbusters, Sony is continuing to look for new product partners to work with (like the upcoming Proton Pack backpack), and this doesn’t count as any sort of news about there being or not being made. This is Sony positioning the product – it can’t hurt in general, and if the third film does move ahead, it’s critical. So… take this as you will.

[VIA Collider]

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