[PROMO] PKE Surge 2010!


Have you been sitting around the past few months wondering what you would be doing come Labor Day Weekend 2010? How does coming to what will be the largest gathering of Ghostbusters Fans and Ghostheads alike on the East Coast sound?

Ghostbusters Fans is thrilled to officially announce PKE Surge 2010! Mark your calenders and get ready to move, PKE Surge will be once again held at Dragoncon in Atlanta, Georgia on Sept 3-6. Perhaps you came last year, maybe you saw the fun photos from last year, or you might just be a new user who has no idea about this whole PKE Surge thing. Either way, let me assure you – if you are looking for a Ghostbusters related event to attend this is it.

So what’s there to do at PKE Surge? I’m glad you asked. Because PKE Surge is essentially a convention within a convention, you can freely involve yourself with any part or portion of Dragoncon that you find interesting. But wait, there’s more! The two biggest events from last year are back – join the legion of Ghostbusters as we march in the annual Dragoncon Parade. The parade was a big hit last year, and will be even bigger this year – with more Ectomobiles and more people. Night on the Town will also be making a return. While we no longer call The Varsity home, we have found a new – and more accommodating host for our Saturday night dinner party – Mellow Mushroom of Downtown Atlanta! More details on these, and the rest of the events will be popping up in the next two weeks.

But here is a taste of what else is to come. Have you ever wondered what it felt like to bust into the lobby of the Sedgewick hotel? Here’s your chance! The “We Got One!” event will be a hybrid free-form “bust” and scripted event where two teams of Busters sweep for valiances in the con hotels. Perhaps that is not for you? Why not try your hand at “You Never Studied” – what’s that? You did study? Then prove it by helping to find “lost artifacts” around the con. Use your PKE’s, Gigas, Ecto-Goggles, or your own eyes to locate as many artifacts as you can!

Ghostbusters Fans will be represented with a fan table which will serve as a central meeting location. In the next few weeks you will also see a thread on PKE Surge 2010 T-Shirts, and perhaps other Surge related items. We will be stretching this thing out all summer long, so make sure you pay attention and keep-up-to-date. Who knows, you may just win a Crunch Award or win a prize in Big D’s Slimetastic Extravaganza!

Go ahead, commit today. Visit the official signup thread and let us know you are coming!

PKE Surge 2010 is proudly sponsored by Ghostbusters Fans, GBTV, the Georgia Ghostbusters and ProtonCharging. More information on Dragoncon can be found here. More information on PKE Surge 2010 can be found either at the PKE Surge Website or on the Official Forum!

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