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Here to celebrate not only the 26th anniversary of the classic film, Ghostbusters., it’s also the first anniversary of Cross the Streams Radio Show!

Cross the Streams Radio: Episode 7 68.2 MB

Show notes;

– Intro & Monologue
Matt Prov’s Interview with the people behind EPIC WIN Burlesque “GHOSTBUSTERS!”
– Commercial-Ghostbusters 2 Alarm Clock
– Roundtable with Mike Tigani from the Ontario Ghostbusters and Michelle Goodridge, a Ghostbusters Fan. Thing we talk about are:

Men in Black 3D (Matt Prov Rant)
Sims 3 – Expansion Pack
Improv Everywhere Ghostbusters video
Ivan told Ernie they have a second draft
Fujishoji releases pachinko machine in Japan – Ghostabustas!
Ontario Ghostbusters Updates!
Cross the Streams at Fan Expo

– Commercial-Kurt Fuller Ad
– Goodbyes & Bill Murray Prank Call to Wal-Mart
– Bloopers

Anyone with any concerns or questions or hate mail, please write to Brendan, Matt or Drew at

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