Twin City GBs featured on TLC's Mall Cops

Proving that TLC has replaced “learning” with “lazy” in their name, there’s apparently a show all about Mall Cops. We don’t get it on our TLC here in Canada, but I’m sure, seeing as we get every other show about people doing boring jobs, it will appear at some point.

But, as a minor highlight, the Twin City Ghostbusters made an appearance! Don’t get too excited – they were featured on the show because a Mall Cop ran them off. The team was there to promote Ghostbusters 911, but as it’s private property (and Mall’s are no-fun zones), they were sent packing.

Here’s what I want to know… they’re at the outer end of the parking lot. They didn’t even get to the doors. Meaning, some jerk ratted them out. Booo! Unless it was all contrived, in which case, score one for the TCGBs for getting their film promoted on TLC!

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