Check out this amazing Slimer costume!

Judson Hudson of the Alabama GBs sent me a link to his family’s big project to make a full-body Slimer outfit. And the results are HUGE!

I started a big project after my son showed me this costume ( – thank you to whomever you are by the way – and tried to follow in their footsteps. This turned out to be a little bigger than I wanted it, thus leading us on a different path. I don’t think I’ll ever try to make something like this again. We went through 4 glue guns, around 500 glue sticks, 7 rolls of 1″ x 72″ foam padding, 5 jars of latex rubber and then some paint. I have an estimated $350 worth of art supplies in it and I’m very proud on how he turned out. LOL, this doesn’t include the major glue gun burns we both received and all of the safety pin pokes that we got stabbed from keeping the foam together. End result? Priceless.

Here’s one of the pictures, but be sure to check out the whole set at the link above;

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