[PROMO] StickerYou offers custom, GB stickers! Exclusive PC code for 25% off!

Well, this is just the keenest thing ever.

StickerYou is a new site that offers sheets of print-on-demand, die-cut, vinyl stickers… which is cool enough on it’s own, but they have an official Ghostbusters license from Sony and are offering a giant selection of Ghostbusters stickers!

What’s this all mean? Well, it means you use their system to drag-and-drop Ghostbusters designs (or their other themes if you want, like various Sports and TV, etc.) onto a sheet. You want nothing but the Ghostbusters logo at postage stamp size? Do it – drag and drop one, size it, and then copy and paste it around the sheet. You want the Ecto-1 at 8.5×11 – do it! You want one of everything? Do it! You want to mix-and-match all their designs! You can do that too! Then StickerYou prints and cuts your sheets and sends them too you – each sheet is only $6.99.

You can even upload your own designs – the StickerYou system will even calculate a die-cut for your design! I have some Proton Charging stickers on the way – stay tuned to Proton Charging on Twitter and Facebook (follow the links on the top-left of the nav bar) for a chance to win one. And in the coming days, I’ll be making some of the Proton Charging designs you’ve seen over the years available for you to upload yourself to print out.

But best of all, Proton Charging is a StickerYou affiliate! You can make your own sheet of stickers right now, and never have to leave Proton Charging!

And just because StickerYou is awesome, they’ve set up a code for you to get your orders at 25% off! The code is good for one month, use it as often as you want!


And one last thing – I asked, and StickerYou has confirmed these are just the first batch of designs they’ve made available. They’re planning on releasing more in the future, so stay tuned for that. There are some cool things brewing at StickerYou!

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