Boston America gives Ghostbusters energy drink a new can!

Boston America Corporation, makers of Slimer Sours, Mr. Stay-Puft marshmallow lip-balm, and Ectoplasm energy drink, have put out a second can of what is presumably the exact same energy drink, this time with a Slimer theme (the Ectoplasm and Slimer drinks have different SKUs, but the same product description, which makes sense, as retailers are buying more for what’s on the can than what’s in it.)

Currently, you can pre-order the drink online, for $2.99 plus shipping, through Big Bad Toy Store, but as with the original drink, you should find it everywhere from your local comic shop to Hot Topics / Urban Outfitters soon enough. The drink will be released soon, as it’s slated for a “July 2010” release.

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