Cereal Geek #6 is taking pre-orders now! Printing imminently!

Issue six of the 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon love-fest that is Cereal Geek is set to go to the printers and looking for pre-orders to smoooooth things along. How close is it to going to print? Only 40 pre-orders required and they pull the trigger! So, if you live in a odd area or find it difficult to pick the magazine up anywhere else (say, at your local comic shop or Graham Cracker Comics), now is your best chance to snag it, direct from the source!

As usual, the Real Ghostbusters get some good coverage in the magazine, such as the article hinted at below.

Also, I’ve heard that Editor In Chief James Eatock seals every shipped magazine with a kiss. I can’t confirm it, but that’s what I’ve heard.

Pre-order Issue 6 – ships internationally!

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