Bill Murray talks Ghostbusters (and other things) with GQ

In the recent issue of GQ, Bill Murray sat down to talk with Dan Fierman – the two cover a lot of ground (including the revelation that Bill considers Kung Fu Hustle a crowning achievement in 21st comedy – hard to argue with that. It was a fantastic movie), but inevitably, as it often does, the chat turns to Ghostbusters. Bear in mind, younger readers, magazines have a lead-time that the Internet does not, meaning Bill didn’t make these comments yesterday. More than likely he made them weeks to months ago (sometime after March, as he references his infamous visit to South By SouthWest 2010), and these comments were made around the time he was talking about Ghostbusters 3 on Letterman. It’s a great article, but not necessarily indicative of where his feelings for a third movie are at right now.

As well, his comments on the script do fit with all previous talk that revisions were being undertaken. So, this is informative… not gospel.

Big nods to Chris and Hayden for sending this my way.

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You know, my younger brother will absolutely murder me if I don’t ask you this question.…

All right. I should worry.

Is the third Ghostbusters movie happening? What’s the story with that?

It’s all a bunch of crock. It’s a crock. There was a story—and I gotta be careful here, I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. When I hurt someone’s feelings, I really want to hurt them. [laughs] Harold Ramis said, Oh, I’ve got these guys, they write on The Office, and they’re really funny. They’re going to write the next Ghostbusters. And they had just written this movie that he had directed.

Year One.

Year One. Well, I never went to see Year One, but people who did, including other Ghostbusters, said it was one of the worst things they had ever seen in their lives. So that dream just vaporized. That was gone. But it’s the studio that really wants this thing. It’s a franchise. It’s a franchise, and they made a whole lot of money on Ghostbusters.

Oh, sure, I remember. The soundtrack. The lunchboxes. The action figures.

Right. And it’s still one of the biggest movies of all time. And ever since that story broke, everywhere I go people are like, “So are you gonna make that movie?” I was down in Austin at South by Southwest, and you go at it hard down there—fun but, man, you need to sleep for days afterwards. Anyhow, I got into it one night with a bunch of younger people who were like, Oh, I love Peter Venkman! I grew up with Peter Venkman! We got to talking, and the more we talked about it, the more I thought, Oh Christ, I should just do this thing.

A generation awaits, for sure. You weren’t even supposed to play that role, right?

Yeah. Originally it was Belushi. Like a lot of my movies. [beat] God, John died, what was it, twenty-five years ago?

It was ’82, right?

Yeah, I think it was ’82. I dunno. That part of life is getting fuzzy.

I read that you wanted to play a ghost in the movie. That’s kind of brilliant.

Well, I hadn’t wanted to do the movie. They kept asking, and I kept saying no. So once upon a time I said, just joking: “If you kill me off in the first reel, then fine, I’ll do it.” And then supposedly they came up with an idea where they kill me off and I was a ghost in the movie. Kinda clever, really.

But has the Zombieland cameo stolen that gag?

[genuinely confused] But that was a zombie. Not a ghost.

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