Dear Coke, A modest proposal…

Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier – Madison, WI – June 2010

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I got an email from Anthony a few weeks back and it’s been churning around in the back of my brain;

I called Coca-Cola and spoke with a marketing rep for an hour yesterday about how we need the drink Ecto Cooler back again in some form. I gave them the link to your site, as well as some Facebook fan groups with thousands of members.

They claim to be researching and visiting the sites. Maybe you should put up a feature on your popular site encouraging people to email Coke with a request for Ecto Cooler/Tangergreen/Crazy Citrus Cooler to return? The Coke people sounded very interested in what I had to say, it couldn’t hurt.

One of the main questions they asked me was if the fanbase was more attracted to the Slimer picture, the flavor profile, or the green color. I think now would be a great time for people to e-mail Coke and tell them WHY they love Ecto Cooler.

Thanks for running a kickass blog.

And this raises a good point – nostalgia for Ecto-cooler revolves around two things; the fact that it originally sported Slimer on the boxes, and the taste, which survived long after the license to display Slimer ended. Perhaps Coca-cola would consider licensing Ghostbusters again, but that seems a bit pie in the sky, particularly until a third movie, ideally, gets made (at which point everyone will be clamoring for licenses.)

But Sony doesn’t own the taste…

I get the impression (the crowd reaction in the Kevin Smith clip above certainly supports this), and please comment if you feel otherwise, that if Sony brought back Tangergreen or its taste equivalent, a lot of people would buy it. Is it worth letting Sony know then?

How about this; Anthony included an email, Coke’s public relations email. If you’d honestly like to be able to buy the taste of Ecto-cooler again, why not let them know?

or snail mail;

The Coca-Cola Company
Website Customer Care
P.O. Box 1734
Atlanta, GA 30301

Let them know that you have fond memories of Ecto-cooler, and you have missed the flavour ever since it’s final formula version was discontinued in 2007. You don’t really need Slimer on the box, though if he was there, that would be cool too, but ultimately, you just want the drink you loved back. You never know, maybe they’ll bring it back! It never hurts to try…

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