Happy birthday, Venkmaster – more GB birthday cake!

Happy birthday to you all, for that matter, but Venk sent in some pics and it seemed rude not to wish him a happy birthday. As you’ll see, he made out like a bandit;

I just celebrated my 29th birthday, and everyone, especially my wife, knows I’m a Ghostbusters NUT. I get home, the lights are off, and I hear the opening salvo of the GB theme – a surprise party. My wife not only made me a Ghostbusters birthday cake, which she did a great job of, as you can see, but she even made a spiked green punch she called “Ecto-Cooler.” I opened up my presents, which included two Ghostbusters shirts, a Ghostbusters bag, and eight assorted Bill Murray pins. It was a great night, and I thought I would share it.

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