New Ghostbusters inspired shirts

Two new shirts have popped up – I’m going to go out on a limb and say Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters inspired shirts are the lion’s share of cool t-shirts out there these days – this time one is a nice companion to the Gozarian Society t-shirts from a couple of years back. The other is a GB-esque nod to The Other Smart Phone. And the last is a series of Ghostbuster shirts by a GB lovin’ band.

First up is this awesome Ivo Shandor t-shirt by Dark Bunny Tees;

If the evil red eyes are too spot, the damn thing glows-in-the-dark (and glow-in-the-dark shirts are awesome)! Thanks to Todd for the spot!

The other shirt is this Android / Stay-Puft mash-up by Unstoppable Andy. It’s funny that Stay Puft has replaced Godzilla as the iconic town-stomper, just as Godzilla replaced King Kong (though, I guess King Kong remains the king of building climbing.) Thanks to Ryan for the link, via Phandroid. The design can also be purchased as a poster.

And finally, this one has been sitting in the inbox, waiting for a good chance to share, and this is it! Anthony sent in an email about The Acacia Strain, an American Deathcore band. It turns out, The Strain has a habit of using Ghostbusters imagery in their tour shirts. Have a look to see what we mean.

Apparently the love of GB is deep rooted with the band, not merely a gimmick – Anthony mentioned that the band has an album cover featuring a bear with bloody mouth, having chomped on something. On tour, the band swapped out the bear and swapped in Mr. Stay-Puft. A sugary and horrific image, to be sure.

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