Hey! 80s Tees and Mad Engine want your feedback!

Why gripe about a product AFTER it comes out? Why not get your two-cents worth in before it comes out?

Well, now you can – 80s Tees and Mad Engine are producing a new Ghostbusters t-shirt and they’re of two minds about a design. There’s one thing about it that they’re not sure about. Looks good with. Looks good without. So, which way should they make it?

Well, how about you help them out and pick the version you like. Take a look at the t-shirt below – do you think it looks great as is, or do you think they should take out the “W.W.W.” (which stands for, as you can see at the bottom of the shirt, “We came, We saw, We kicked it’s ass!”

Chime in in the comments below – please, say yea or nay to the WWW FIRST, then you can go on if you like. Don’t make us dig for your preference.

Click for full size!

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