Ghostbusters showing & creepy Dave Cook art show in Atlanta, October 5th.

Hotlantians (that’s totally a word, right?), The Plaza Theatre will be screening Ghostbusters on October 5th. And if that wasn’t enticement enough to leave the house, the screening will feature “costumes” (I’m assuming that means local proppers will be in the house), limited edition posters, and more.

The devil is in the details though – as part of the screening, there will be a showing of the art of Dave Cook. If you like creepy (you like Ghostbusters – admit it, you like creepy), you should check out Dave’s stuff (stay out kids, and people of weak disposition. Dave’s a dirty, gory creep). I’m hoping the “Limited Edition Poster” involves Dave, but that’s supposition on my part. Time will tell.

So, you’ve been told / warned – mark your calendar.

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