3G show in LA creeps closer as more submissions are revealed!

The upcoming Autumn Society 3G showGoonies, Gremlins and Ghostbusters – is getting close! In the meantime, some sweet, sweet additions (well, Ghostbuster ones at least – the others are great as well, but this being a Ghostbusters site and all…) have been popping up! Check this OUT!

by Brandon Schaefer
(this isn’t Brandon’s first time to the Ghostbusters rodeo)

by Miranda Dressler

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by Pat Kinsella

The triumph and (temporary) tragedy of the WCGB Ecto build.

Quietly, in the background, for years now, Bryan Fear and Eric Eseke (both of whom belong to the West Coast Ghostbusters and helped build Ernie Hudson his convention pack) have been working on their Ecto-1, getting it road and show ready. Under the gun a number of ways, the guys got it running just in time for San Diego Comic Con, where the car OWNED the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter – a natural companion to the official Sony Ecto parked inside the convention center, at the HotWheels / Mattel display.

Sadly, the engine, which both gentlemen knew was operating on borrowed time, failed them on the trip home, but that’s probably not the last we’ll hear of the car. Read all about the project here, and check out JD’s pics!

IDW Halloween special solicited – gets shelf date and title!

Paul over at Spook Central spotted that the listing for IDW’s Halloween one shot (the one featuring the Dan Schoening and Nick Runge covers) is currently being solicited. The listing also includes a shelf-date of October 20th and catching play on “What the Sam Hill…?” as a title.

Ghostbusters Holiday Special: What In Samhain Just Happened?!
Peter David (w) * Dan Schoening (a) * Nick Runge (c)
When a media mogul seeks out the Ghostbusters to fix his haunted mansion, the guys decline, assuming it’s a Halloween-themed publicity stunt. However, Janine, angry about her pay, takes the job, claiming she knows as much about ghostbusting as the guys do. She’s soon in over her head, and the Ghostbusters have to race against time to save her before she’s yanked over to the other side forever.
FC * 32 pages * $3.99
Expected in-store date: October 20, 2010

And you thought he smelled bad on the outside…

The TK Helmet project is, as far as I can understand it (“about” pages are critical, critical things on a blog. I’m just sayin’…) is a charity initiative by the 501st Star Wars costuming group/cult, wherein artists apply their special touches to a Storm Trooper helmet – the helmets are toured and eventually, I think, auctioned off for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In general, you should have a look at these amazing helmets, but specifically check out this helmet by Nicole Falk. Thanks to Joey Mays for the heads up!

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