Autumn Society 3G show wows opening attendees – GB royalty in attendance!

The Autumn Society’s Gremlins, Goonies, and Ghostbusters show, launched this past weekend in LA, is off to a massive start, with the West Coast Ghostbusters driving one Mr. Ernie Hudson to the show in their replica Ecto-1 – also in attendance were Michael C. Gross, Ghostbusters producer and artist in his own right, as well as Seth Green, and Robin Shelby (Slimer in Ghostbusters 2)

The society has already released a teaser video of Hudson arriving in style.

Be sure to check out TAS website for lots of great posts by the various participating artists, as well as their Flickr page for the show (currently only has the video, but will have photos added soon.)

But, if nothing else, pour yourself a glass of Ghostbusters energy drink and pretend you where there by watching this video by Michael Midnight.

Nice work to Bryan, Eric, and Sean from the WCGBs and giant slap on the back to Joseph “Chogrin” Game, TAS pres and curator of the show, for putting on an art show that stands out from the crowd.

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