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Did you go? Did you have fun?

With the 501st investing all their con-mojo at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, it turns out the largest contingent of fans at the event were… Ghostheads. Something like 9 Ectos and dozens of fans took part in the parade. As well, all the Ghostheads in attendance got a swanky Stay-Puft sticker from PC (to go with last year’s super-special PC button), as did quite a few regular con-goers. has a number of post-con threads going on, which have gathered some great post-con materials;

If you’re on Facebook, check out these picture galleries.!/louisiana.ghostbusters?v=photos!/album.php?aid=77062&id=1314476944

And if you’re not;

Also, the Louisiana GBs have a lot of video on their YouTube page;

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