"I Just Watched Ghostbusters For the First Time."

Alan Ford, New York actor and comedian, is starting a new column at SideSpliter.com, in which he watches iconic comedies that he somehow missed, starting with (inconceivably) Ghostbusters. It’s refreshing to read a smart review of the quarter-century old film, compared to the depressing string of tween Twitter comments like; “I just watched Ghostbusters and didn’t laugh once.” or “Ghostbusters wasn’t scary at all.” Sigh.

Anyhow, please do check out Alan’s first column – I’m looking forward to the rest, as they are posted.

So, Ghostbusters. I should mention that I have technically seen this movie, but not since the fall of the Soviet Union, when my review would probably have been written in D’Nealian, so I figured it was time. It’s considered by many to be the seminal comedy film of the 1980s. But is it funny to someone with no loyalty to it? In a word: definitely.

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