Shot on Site: On The Set looks at Ghostbusters

Herve Attia has a MASSIVE collection of location videos he has put together for various popular movies. It’s true there have been a number of location videos over the years, including Ghostbustours and Follow That Marshmallow, but Herve puts some amazing work into his videos, not only in the access he manages to get (for some films), but in how he frames the film as a shot by shot comparison, then blurs the lines, often inserting himself into shots to act as a seque, or simply to add a visual gag (it took me a moment to realize he was adding smoke rising from Steven Tash’s head after getting zapped by Venkman.)

Big nod to Paul at Spook Central for finding the video – alone it’s amazing, but together with all his other videos, it’s a YouTube treasure trove.

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