For anybody that thinks I'm "too mean" when commenting on GB3 news…

This article has been pulled, once everyone pointed and laughed, but this is what is typical in Internet news – someone posts something unfounded, it gets picked up by other websites unchecked, and it’s off to the races. Thankfully the mocking in the comments sorted this one out quickly, as AceShowbiz is the kind of site that could have set off a third tier of re-posts.

Ghostbusters car spotted for possible production

Plus, the West Coast GBs and the Denver GBs / Ectos Across America Tour deserve a massive hug from Dan Aykroyd for stirring up an amazing amount of pro-Ghostbusters love in the last couple of weeks. Ecto sightings in America were like UFO sightings – witness by thousands, dismissed as mass hysteria by authorities, and Dan Aykroyd loves to hear about them.

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