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(In Brandon, Dan Aykroyd holds Tricia Bone’s son’s piggybank before autographing it. )

Talking to the press as he rolls through Manitoba on his signing tour to promote his growing collection of spirits (the hiccup kind, not the boo kind), Dan made the suggestion that this leg of the on-going, multi-year tour that this will be it for awhile, as Ghostbusters 3 filming in the spring will demand all his time. Read the Winnipeg Free press report here.

It’s important to keep in mind that Dan is the film’s most active proponent, always assuming the best outcome to all situations, so I wouldn’t consider this hard confirmation that GB3 is going ahead just yet – rather, Dan is currently feeling good that the previously discussed plan to film next year is going to get the green light. It’s Patented Aykroyd Positive Thinking at it’s best, and our fingers are crossed.

Big ups to Steven Hough for the heads up.


  1. Here’s hoping….

  2. I see he’s sporting the spikey haircut again. Suits him well. Fingers crossed on this one too, but… ya know.

  3. I will cross fingers, streams, even my eyeballs, I need some new news and wanna see a new film, at this point, even if its bad.

  4. At a party a while back and had some of the Crystal Skull… it’s yummy.

  5. Dan should try find a way to bottle up and sell that enthusiasm of his, he’d make a second fortune on that after the one he’s likely building with the Crystal Head Vodka and other titles in his brewing catelogue.

  6. What makes me believe that this could be true….is the fact that Dan has took a break from his “liquor tour”. In the past few years he NEVER keep his agenda free from vodka promotion :)

  7. Patrick: “See, I told you it was happening. In fact it’s already been filmed and I saw it last week!” ( Sorry guys, I had to slip that in here somewhere. )

    The first thing I thought when I clicked on that link was “San Katz is still mayor? Geez.” Oddly enough I know the exact store Aykroyd is standing in when that pic was taken, just south of The Forks in Winnipeg. Thanks as always for posting Chris.

  8. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG…. my heart beats 345 times faster now… PLEASE let it be true… and now… PLEASEEEE… someone call a doctor for me

  9. Wow… This sounds like it might actually happen. I mean there’s more rumors going around then I’ve EVER heard.

  10. Wow, this and Venkman not being a ghost could make my day…

  11. Is is stopping in Montreal by any chance ?

  12. I love this, there couldn’t be any news in the world to make me happier about GB3 then this has this week for me! ;)

  13. My fingers are crossed… my hopes are there… and I will even pray. Please let this finally happen!

  14. Whatever happened to nutjob er.. I mean Patrick

  15. I don’t know, I’ll take this with a grain of salt as castewar suggests. The article doesn’t even have a direct quote Aykroyd.

  16. I agree, Aykroyd has been trying to get a third done since the 2nd one was released in 89, he’s a GB fanatic. As great as Bill Murray is, he’s hard to lock down and moody. Murray supposably doesn’t sign contracts anymore, so GB3 can easily fall apart depending on Murray’s mood when all is set and ready. Even though I’m a giant GB fan I hope it doesn’t happen. I think we all know deep down that this wont be a good movie, if its made. These days with Sony involvement it just isn’t possible. Like Indy4, all the bad rumors came true in the end and we were left with an Indiana Jones movie that felt like a cheap gimmick.

  17. One of the reasons is my go-to site for Ghostbusters News is the level headed atmosphere. Castewar does a great job of not jumping at every bit of news (unlike most sites) and keeps his cool like Egon.

    THANK YOU for that.

  18. What a cheesy web page. You couldn’t even post a picture of Dan…he gives you an interview and you cut off his head.

    Pretty hokey PIC I’d say, where are you? Margaretaville or drinking too much Crystal Skull…

  19. Who said I interviewed him? And I’M the one who’s been drinking, eh?

    The photo is an auto-feed from the website I’m linking to – bad cropping happens, and when I have a chance or inclination, I fix it.

    Rob, are you that bored in Toronto that you just decided to be a dick for the hell of it?

  20. People who talked to him in Winnipeg said he was saying pretty much as described by the article, but he used the word “Hopefully” a lot more, which is as we expected – he’s banking on everything going awesome, but it’s still not a sure thing.

  21. …and you can take that to the Stay Puft bank!

  22. :p – >snort<

  23. There – I fixed the photo. Can we carry on, or would the honourable member from Ontario like to beak off again?

  24. I Told all of you Guys that Ghostbusters 3 is Happening!! You know who you Guys are! You were calling me a Liar about GB3 and as you know I wasn’t a Liar! I was telling the truth about GB3! Dan Aykroyd Confirmed it himself that Next Spring 2011 Ghostbusters 3 will began Filming for a Summer/Winter 2012 release! I Told you Guys! I know how to read right Info. and GB3 will be in 3-D! I Told Ya!

  25. @rake

    That was a good comparison to make. I got my hands on a copy of the Frank Darabont treatment of Indy 4, the original script that Ford read which inspired him to do it. ….then after all parties were involved Lucas went and buggered up the script good and proper. The rest is history. Although I’ll always see Murray as the obstacle that stands between us and this movie, I’ll have to sort of understand he may have standards that are in place to avoid the above mentioned pitfall.

  26. Pitfall?
    “…Throw me the whip!”
    “…Throw me the Stay Puft marshmallow sailor thingy!!”

  27. Pitfall?

    “…Throw me the whip!”
    “…Throw me the Stay Puft marshmallow sailor thingy!!”

  28. okay twice is a tad excessive…even by my standards. Sorry y’all it duplicated the comment.

    Still, when the 3D internet boom kicks off that will read much better. You know…in 3D!

    Oh and Rake I know you have your view re; duplicate postings, what can I say? …lobby your local governer.

  29. …his growing collection of spirits (the hiccup kind, not the boo kind)…

    Chris, you never fail to make me laugh really hard at the littlest of things.

  30. I really hope this is true, and I really really hope that if it is true that it surpasses both the 2nd and original movie.However, even if it is bad I will still appreciate his effort and the fact he hasn’t given up on a 3rd film in 21 years (which is almost as many years as I have been alive), and if this news is indeed legit I hope that everyone else does the same.


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