Aykroyd says this is the last Skull tour for awhile, because of Ghostbusters 3

(In Brandon, Dan Aykroyd holds Tricia Bone’s son’s piggybank before autographing it. )

Talking to the press as he rolls through Manitoba on his signing tour to promote his growing collection of spirits (the hiccup kind, not the boo kind), Dan made the suggestion that this leg of the on-going, multi-year tour that this will be it for awhile, as Ghostbusters 3 filming in the spring will demand all his time. Read the Winnipeg Free press report here.

It’s important to keep in mind that Dan is the film’s most active proponent, always assuming the best outcome to all situations, so I wouldn’t consider this hard confirmation that GB3 is going ahead just yet – rather, Dan is currently feeling good that the previously discussed plan to film next year is going to get the green light. It’s Patented Aykroyd Positive Thinking at it’s best, and our fingers are crossed.

Big ups to Steven Hough for the heads up.

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