We are Legion: Deron Williams and The Utah Jazz

Every year Salt Lake City plays host to the Dodge Barrage, a day-long event in which teams use dodgeball to raise money for various charities chosen by the tourny creators, Utah Jazz players Deron Williams, Ronnie Price and ex-Jazz, Kyle Korver.

This year, Williams squad, including Price and Korver, chose the Ghostbusters as their team name, with each squad member sporting a classic no-ghost on powder blue.

Sadly, the team did not win, but with 64 teams entered – at $500 a pop – nobody went home a loser. Big ups to all involved and bigger nod to Williams and co for flying the colours proudly, continuing the tradition of Ghostheads, even big leaguers, working for their communities.

Price chuckled when asked about the headbands the team wore along with light blue shirts with the famous crossed-out ghost.

“Just don’t show Jerry (Sloan) this and we’ll be all right,” he said about the uniform accessory that wouldn’t be approved by his NBA coach.

Price admitted he skipped on the formal dodgeball practice.

“I haven’t (done) any training,” he said, then joking, “but my wife throws a lot of things at me at the house, so I get a lot of practice.”

The Ghostbusters might have to reconsider that strategy next year if the “Charles Bronson Make-a-Wish Foundation” team decides to defend its crown.

The teams might even continue their new rivalry in Utah and Chicago. With Korver joining the Bulls and Williams’ connections to the University of Illinois, the NBA friends are considering hosting a future dodgeball tourney in the Windy City.

(Kristin Murphy, Deseret News)

From the totally straight (and thus awesomely hilarious) coverage by The Salt Lake Tribune;

“It’s just fun,” Williams said. “I don’t know why we picked dodgeball. But it’s something that we thought would be fun and be a little different. There’s always the golf tournaments, the dinners, stuff like that. We wanted to do something different. Just have fun. Something that more people could afford. And so we came up with this.”

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